Inspiration In An Unexpected Way

Anti-porn sign in Newport, Oregon.

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i looked out my kitchen window and saw a woman out for her daily bit of exercise.

From the look of it, i think she was attempting to run, but her pace was really more of a shuffle, and she was laboring to move even that little bit.

Also, she appeared to be someone who was not in the habit of exercising.  But there she was, making a go of it. And i remembered that i had seen her before.

That’s when it hit me:  something about her struggling to exercise was a metaphor for the journey to freedom from Pornography, Lust and Masturbation (PLM). Each step the “runner” was taking required much effort, and often, for addicts, small steps to purity are equally laborious.

But with each step in the right direction, a little bit of strength and momentum are gained.

It’s like the guy i was talking to the other day: He’s trapped in pornography and it’s literally in danger of destroying his life. But every step, no matter how small, that he takes toward righteousness, is a step that builds a healthy foundation in his life. Step one was getting rid of his computer.

It won’t solve all the problems, but it will make a big difference when it comes to his ability to access pornography.

And here’s where it comes full circle to the “runner.”  If she sticks with it, the “runner” will get healthier; she will lose weight; and in the future she will be able to run farther than she can right now.

Former addicts and current ones need to stick with the program, and good things will happen.

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