Separating The Men From The Boys

This story ran many months ago in the New York Times, but it has been linked by recent stories talking about dating and sexual habits among adolescents and college students.

It got me thinking about a few things.

First, women are achieving on the academic front, which is great news. Second, the ratio of women to men on college campuses, should be a good thing for men in many ways, but it’s actually not all that great after all.

If the imbalance in the ratio means that young men learn that they can cheat on their girlfriends, or endlessly live the playboy lifestyle and get away with it, then the harm to men is very serious. Yes, it harms women, but it also harms the men who live that lifestyle.

As for the women caught in this situation, it puts them in a terrible position. They need to set boundaries with these guys and change the terms of the agreement.

From the masculine journey perspective: i just keep wondering where the real men are. Taking advantage of the dating landscape as described in the New York Times article and being self-indulgent in a way that harms college women is something a boy would do, not a man.

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