Blessings? Yes, We Have Much To Be Thankful For

As Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s right that we should remember the year which is drawing to a close and reflect in gratitude for the ways God has blessed us.

Holidays can be times of stress for many; old memories; old heartache; all sorts of things bubble up to the surface.

For addicts of any kind, the stress can trigger a binge.  i recall one Thanksgiving standing in a local video rental store and watching a man walk in and make a bee-line to the “Adult” section.

i had to think that it was his way of dealing with the stress.  i know that in the years of my addiction, i had lots of flare ups this time of year.

But in our group of WarriorPoets, we have much for which we give thanks. We have seen a man who was tempted by suicidal thoughts nearly every night as he fell asleep break free.  He used to medicate the pain of those thoughts with porn. Now, he doesn’t.

We have seen one of the  single men in our midst make healthier choices in his dating life; and he is clearly better off for it.  He is struggling less and less with porn these days. A man who recently joined our gathering is taking very serious steps to rid his life of porn — and he is actively saving his marriage by rebuilding trust with his wife.

Those of us who are married can say that our respective relationships with our wives are all more vibrant and more loving than they were a year ago.

So yes, blessings.  Really, too many to count.

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