Pick Up The Sword

As our band of WarriorPoets met this week to encourage, challenge and inspire one another in the journey of breaking free from addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation (PLM), one theme was constant: We need to keep picking up the sword and using it against our Enemy.

Men are WarriorPoets by design; bearing God’s image as a man makes it so.  The Lord is a warrior, the Lord is His name… (Ex 15:3) is one of the early themes of Moses’ song of praise to Yahweh who saved the Israelites from Egyptians in the crossing of the Red Sea.

God is the Poet as well; the creative genius behind the brilliance and beauty of our stunning world.

Made in His likeness, we are likewise, Warriors and Poets. Or, more commonly, WarriorPoets. Irish and Scottish mythology — as well as other cultures throughout the world — understand the WarriorPoet as one of the primary archetypes of masculinity.

The question then becomes for us: Will we choose to use our WarriorPoet identities to become Dragonslayers — men who put the beast of PLM to the sword.

That is our call. That is what we in our gathering were reminding ourselves yet again.  How desperately we need each other, in our band of brothers, to keep us focused on this point.

And this has been our rallying cry: Pick Up The Sword.

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