Transcendence And Beauty

A fellow WarriorPoet who is taking the journey to freedom from Pornography, Lust and Masturbation told me recently that the real allure of porn for him was the transcendence and the beauty presented to him by the pictures he looked at.

What he didn’t realize all that time was the fact that porn offers a false transcendence.  The real thing is available through connection with God the Father.

We will fall repeatedly for the counterfeit of porn if we fail to see that God Himself is the real thing.

The thing is, Transcendence and Beauty are non-negotiables for us as men.  We will find them. The only question is: will be be fooled by the counterfeit of pornography?

Porn borrows from the true beauty God has created. He is the One who made Eve, and she is captivating.  But it is the pornographer who has corrupted that beauty and exploited it.

We can find true Transcendence and Beauty again.  And it is a great moment in a man’s redemption from the ravages of pornography when he sees that what he thought was beauty — i.e. porn — actually is tragically painful and death inducing.

In John Eldredge’s stages of the masculine journey, he talks about the Stage of the Lover. That is when a man truly discovers Beauty. And when you experience Real Beauty, you see the ugliness of pornography.

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