A Trip Down Memory Lane

This weekend my wife and i will be telling the story of how God saved our marriage from my pornography addiction at 6:8 Community Church.

We have told the story before at Blue Route Vineyard, our home church, and in an interview with Covenant Eyes for their podcast.  You can listen to both the talk and the interview.

It’s astounding, this story. And every time i revisit it, i am struck with amazement. He delivered me from certain destruction and my marriage was brought back from the brink. Each time the emotions are powerful and my admiration for my wife soars.

She is a gift, the value of which can never be measured.

But the rescue we experienced is available to all marriages which find themselves in similar straits. God transforms.

As we have been preparing this week, we have had some great conversations about how much things have changed in my life and in our marriage.  My wife asked me the other night: “How does it feel to not have looked at porn in more than 10 years?”

i told her it feels great. Freedom is always such a satisfying, sweet taste.

If you had asked me 11 years ago whether i thought it was even possible to stop looking at porn i would have said: “Never.”

But then, God transforms.

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