Beautiful Collisions

Carolyn and i told the story of how God saved our marriage from porn addiction Saturday night.

Beautiful collisions have been happening ever since.

More than one man has responded with confession. And the emotional explosion by one man who visited me was a powerful display of God’ grace colliding with his depravity. His addiction has ruled his life for as long as he can remember.

He had given up hope that his life would ever be any different. His attempts at accountability, and healing and growth always fell short for one reason or another.

He almost didn’t dare to dream that it was even worth taking this journey with me.

But the power of God was displayed. And He has put His finger on some deep wounds which are fueling everything.

Rock Bottom is a real place; he’s hit it. And it is a beautiful collision. Even if he cannot see how beautiful it is at this moment, this is the start of something amazing in his life.

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