A Dash Of Fury Now And Then Is A Good Thing

One of the WarriorPoets taking the journey to freedom from Pornography, Lust and Masturbation in our group told me the other day that he is grateful for the “fury” his wife displayed when she caught him.

His point was well taken:  The pain of betrayal, coming back at you from your wife, is a powerful experience for a porn addict. i experienced that, and i know it was a blessing in disguise.

i often tell men that it’s great to have an understanding wife who gives them grace and forgiveness, but it’s even greater when that grace and forgiveness are accompanied by some fury.

After all, porn addicts have earned that.

The other day i was talking with a wife who is not afraid to be furious, and she had this sharp word for one particular porn addict husband: “Your life of looking at porn and all the mess it causes sucks. Stop being a child. Stop making excuses. It’s time to man up and deal with it.”

A dash of fury now and then is a good thing.

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