Picking Up The Pieces

When the intensity wears off and the sobbing ends following a beautiful collision, it’s time to pick up the pieces.

And it’s in the cleaning up that some interesting things happen.  Some men, desperate and devastated, sweep up the shards of broken glass comprising what used to be their carefully crafted persona and realize there is no point in trying to rebuild them.

Instead, they begin the hard work of fashioning something new.

Others, collect themselves and then retreat from the power of the moment and go into damage control mode.  They stick to the same old story they have been working with for years:  they know there are some things  they should work on, but doesn’t everybody have something they should work on?

The excuses soon follow. And then nothing changes.

In the end, it’s a question of what are you willing to do in order to be free from the trap of pornography, lust and masturbation?

Are you afraid things will get messy if you start working on these issues, and the host of issues lurking below the surface that are driving the behavior? Things are already messy.

Why not have that mess working for you rather than against you?


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