Filters, They’re Not Just For Kids

i was talking with my son the other day when he brought up the fact that he wishes we didn’t have a filter on our computer.  He was making his case that he wouldn’t go check out porn sites anyway, and the filter just blocks certain sites that would have photos or movies on them.

it was an interesting moment.

i explained that, unfortunately, even when searching for legitimate items on Google — for example — many times other pictures and links will be pulled up which are porn, or soft porn.

He hadn’t thought of that.  But then he quickly adjusted his line of argument: “But i wouldn’t click on those,” he said.

i was trying to be affirming while also a little skeptical of a pre-teen boy saying this to me. i told him i was glad he wouldn’t want to look at that, but i reiterated that as his father i wanted to protect him — and myself.

Then i hit him with a shocker.  i said, “Even if i didn’t have children, i would still have a filter on my internet.”

The look on his face was disbelief, as he said: “Really?”

i said, “Yes, because i don’t want to see that stuff anyway.”

i daresay that conversation is very different from what most fathers say to their pre-teen sons these days. But it is important for dads to say these sorts of things to their sons if we are ever going to rescue men from the ravages of a pornographic society such as ours.

Fathers will lead the way for their sons.

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