The Power Of Speaking About Pornography Addiction In The Past Tense

Monroe writes, regarding Getting Real:

Wow, you touched a chord there. My attitude toward my pornography/masturbation problem for a long time was, “Yes, this is a problem. I’ll have to figure it out someday. I just don’t know when or how.” Then, the realization hit me that my discussions with my young son about body parts and reproduction would soon transition to attitudes and temptations and behavior and integrity. It was a scary thing to be sure, but with the fear and anxiety came a beautiful vision of what it would be like to talk about sexual impurities in the past tense. And to share the experience of overcoming.

I didn’t think I’d ever be willing to share my issues with real people that I know, but I’ve done that recently and it is so liberating! They’re still talking to me! “esse quam videri” I’m going to remember that.

The courage to speak openly about struggling with pornography, lust and masturbation comes with time. And it is truly liberating, as Monroe said.

Secrecy plays right into our Enemy’s hands. And so when we can slice through the veil of silence, vagueness and half truth upon which secrecy depends, we experience freedom and release from the shackles that bind us.

Kudos to Monroe on speaking openly. And what a great vision he had of speaking about his sexual sins in the past tense, in which the old story had been exchanged for a new tale of of overcoming.

In fact, that is exactly one of the things i shared with my son that night in the car. i told him that the most important thing of all that i shared with him was the fact that i am free and he can be too.

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