Hall Pass: A Movie For Our Times

After watching the trailer for Hall Pass, it seems — sadly — that this is a movie for our times.

Two men who cannot control their sexual urges exasperate their wives so much that the wives grant their husbands “hall passes,” which permit them to act on any urge they have sexually for one week without consequences.

And many men — again, sadly — salivate at the thought of this.

Granted, i have not seen the entire movie. But let’s talk about the premise.

This is what men have become. They are actually teenage boys trapped in the bodies of men. It’s interesting that in some of the scenes in the trailer, the two husbands actually look boyish, rather than manly.

And because they are really teen boys who cannot control themselves and don’t know how to love or honor their wives, they act out on every sexual thought that comes their way. The wives “solution” is really not a solution at all.

Regardless of how the movie ends, and regardless of whatever resolution there is in the story, the reality is that if men are given such license it won’t be good for them. It won’t get the sexual obsession out of their system and make them able to be better husbands.

We have bought the lie that men are hopelessly consumed with sex and cannot be expected to exercise any self-control. Sex is wonderful and good, and a man’s sex drive is very strong — which is also a good thing.

It’s intended to bring a husband and his wife closer together; to unify them.

However, to be consumed with sex in such a way that a man would unapologetically stare at a woman and visually undress her right in front of his wife, perverts what is good about sex. And the thought that a week off from marital commitment would be a great way to deal with a man’s strong sex drive is twisted.

But at the same time, while it infuriates the wives in the movie, what else would they expect from “men” in our society?

Seriously. Soft porn is available in countless places (case in point: the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 2011 just hit the stands). Thoughts on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2010. While the names are different for 2011, the situation is really the same.

And outright pornography is becoming more and more mainstream.  Men are told, in some cases even by women in our society, that looking at porn is normal and should actually be encouraged. i know a man who had a girlfriend who sent him web site addresses for porn.

So Hall Pass depicts a perverted world which, unfortunately, bears a close resemblance to our own.

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