Hall Pass: A Different Reader Responds

Leonard has his thoughts on Hall Pass.

Monroe has these:

I occasionally go for no-holds-barred comedies like The Hangover and Superbad, but the particular premise for Hall Pass simply turns my stomach. I don’t doubt that in the tradition of Hollywood comedies the conclusion of the film shows that at least for one of the characters there’s a feel-good Wizard-of-Oz-type-I-had-everything-I-needed-at-home lesson, but it’s outrageous that a couple would condone the mentality that you can turn faithfulness off and on. That’s the fallacy of the “classic” notion of the bachelor party, the expectation that a guy gets drunk and gets a lap dance (or worse) one weekend and declares his undying love and devotion the next. It was all okay because it was in an agreed time frame. Our psyches don’t really work like that with sex. You make connections and give away bits of your soul, even if your sexual partner for the evening is a collection of images.

Food for thought, no question.

One of the things that often happens in comedies, even on television, is that the plot explores various sexual ideas but then insulates itself with the cry: “it was in the name of humor.”

i think Leonard and Monroe each of valid points in this argument, albeit coming at the issue from different vantage points.

But no matter where a person falls in his or her analysis of the movie, let’s all agree that sex in our culture is pervasive and often perverted.

The path i am walking is one of recapturing the beauty of sex as expressed in its proper context:  a man and a woman together in a mutually monogamous marriage relationship for as long as they both shall live. But more than that, honoring my wife means not engaging in lots of other activities that are accepted:  looking at porn; fantasizing about other women and so on.

And in many ways that path is counter-cultural these days.

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