Northwestern’s Unusual Show And Tell

Northwester University Professor John Michael Bailey is certainly making headlines for the live sex show he provided in his class.

At least it was not required of students that they stay and watch.

Bailey said:

My decision to say ‘Yes’ reflected my inability to come up with a legitimate reason why students should not be able to watch such a demonstration.

Actually, students are able to watch those sorts of demonstrations in porn films or at adult shops in nearby Chicago. Let’s not call it higher education.

This is the effect of pornography culture on our ability to think well.

Bailey is saying there is no legitimate reason not to hold a public demonstration of two people engaged in a sex act. It is claimed to be for the purpose of education and the proverbial “opening of people’s minds.”

But really, that’s disingenuous at best. What was opened was not someone’s mind.

It is comforting that after initially supporting the professor, the president of Northwestern, Morton Shapiro, is now saying:

I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary or in keeping with Northwestern University‘s academic mission.

Bailey’s comment underscores the tide of opinion now prevalent among us as a society:  pornography and the culture that surrounds it are good things. There is “no legitimate reason” to keep sex private, let alone view it as sacred.

These days, if you are opposed to pornography culture, you are closed, repressed or otherwise deeply dysfunctional.

Bailey owes it to his students and the university to be more Professor and less Charlie Sheen.

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