Understanding Charlie Sheen, Understanding Ourselves

i have read several pieces defending Charlie Sheen because he lives life “on his own terms.”

One blogger even had the audacity to say that Charlie wasn’t hurting anyone and the media were slanted against him.

For some intelligent commentary, consider this piece in the New York Times.

And of particular importance is the connection between reality TV culture and the concept of “The Disposable Woman.”

What has happened in our culture through increasing pornification is that women have become dehumanized. They are objects; often in advertising or film they are simply reduced to body parts.

So, really, understanding Charlie Sheen means understanding ourselves.

The way Charlie Sheen has treated former wives and girlfriends is the byproduct we should expect from a society so enraptured by pornography that we insist on having it on our mobile devices.

Many will argue that there are plenty of men who look at porn who don’t end up acting like Charlie Sheen. And that is true.

However, even the very act of looking at pornography makes us like Charlie Sheen on a small level. Each time with look at porn we are saying that women exist merely to please us.

Given the money and celebrity, how many men would do just as Charlie Sheen has done? In their hearts, men who live a pornographic lifestyle are acting out the same fantasy impulses that Charlie Sheen is now infamous for.

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