Healing The Old Wounds

Along the masculine journey of healing our hearts from the ravages of addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation there are moments when God pushes in to the deep places of our souls to put His finger on something that must be addressed.

We must walk the path of healing.  He insists.

He opens the door to those places in a curious way.  Sometimes it will be a song on the radio that triggers a memory. At other times, a scene in a TV show or movie might do it. It could be a word or phrase said to us, or a title of a book. He uses all sorts of things to get deep with us.

So the other night, when one of the men in our group started crying as he recounted a scene from his childhood, it came as no surprise to me that a scene in a film had been what unlocked that memory.

The scene unfolded before him on the screen and suddenly he was back in eighth grade: the bully, the fight, and the physical wounds amplified by the emotional pain of unresponsive parents.

From there the lies he believed about himself took root in the soil of his heart:  you’re on your own; nobody will support you. From there the isolation and escape into pornography were small and easy steps to take.

How great it was to play a role in his redemption, however, as we prayed truth and healing over him. God’s restoration, as it plays out in our lives, is always breathtaking.


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