Our Everest

This is the time of year when ambitious people from around the world get things in motion to attempt a summit of Mt. Everest.

The highest peak in the world is known as the Roof of The Sky or the Top of the World.

In 2010 and 2009 i followed the expeditions on this site.

The parallels between climbing Everest and climbing the mountain of pornography addiction are fairly easy to see.

Both are demanding pursuits. Both require training and effort. Both present their own sets of hazards. And reaching the summit, in both cases, results in euphoria.

The man who reaches the top conquers the mountain: whether that mountain is Everest or addiction. The one major difference between Everest and our metaphorical Everest amounting to pornography addiction is the fact that mountain climbers always talk about respecting the mountain and they develop a reverence of sort for the peak.

When it comes to pornography, we neither respect it nor give it reverence. We are humbled by the experience of God’s work to set us free, and we take the challenge seriously, but we think of ourselves as more than conquerors.

Nothing matches the experience of knowing you are no longer a slave to pornography; that its hold on you has been broken.

Pornography addicts are climbing their own Everest.

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