When there is a large amount of time between my blog posts, it’s usually because one of three things is happening. First, there are the normal demands of life. Second, perhaps i am taking vacation. Third, it is the result of chaos.

Chaos takes many forms.

This week’s form has been the complete upheaval visited upon a man with whom i started working about two months ago after he heard my wife and i tell the story of how God saved our marriage from my addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation.

i first met him then, as he was in tears recounting his situation. i have met with him several times since then.

i told him that things would likely get worse before they got better. And they have indeed.

This week chaos has erupted in his life. He is suffering through his own tsunami. It’s hard for him to see that the emotional unraveling; the increased stress in his marriage; and some dire measures are all part of God’s work which are, ultimately, good.

All he can see is the pain and the loss. i sympathize with his frustration — make that, exasperation — yet i know how important it is.

This week, as i have been in contact with my friend, i have been reminded of what life was like for me years ago when everything hit the fan.

It was chaos then. My friend is going through chaos now. Fortunately for us we have a God who speaks into the chaos and brings Life and order.

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