That Painful Silence

There is a painful silence i know all too well. It was the silence that hovered so heavily over the conversation when my wife asked me about my porn involvement years ago.

i stood there, frozen by the sheer surprise of the question being asked. It was a silence that, like so many, spoke louder than words.

i hear that silence now when i ask men in accountability relationships about their porn use. It’s the silence that precedes the sound of a train wreck. A wife learns for the first time just how bad it is; her husband has been leading a double life.

It’s a silence that lingers still in many relationships in the church at large; men who won’t talk honestly and get the healing they need for fear of shame and embarrassment. It’s the silence that hovers over churches and pulpits where Christian leaders say nothing, rather than talk about the issue that is ravaging the church today.

The longer we are silent, the greater the pain.

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