Vigor To Oppose The Cruel One

It’s amazing the way temptation affects me.

More accurately, it’s amazing how my failure to react quickly to tempting thoughts sets me up for additional problems later on.

Even when the temptation is not something on which i act, it still draws strength away and leaves me open to lots of other attack.

The other day i was hit with consistent temptation which i responded to less vigorously than i should have.  Instead of renouncing the thoughts; putting them to the sword and setting my heart on Christ, i let the thoughts linger.

Nothing came of the thoughts (i.e. i didn’t look at porn or masturbate), but later that day i noticed the way in which i had been sapped of spiritual strength as a result of my slow response to the temptation earlier.

i was in a situation later that day in which, through some innocent confusion, a person i was dealing with told me i had made a mistake.  Usually, that’s nothing serious.  Everybody makes mistakes.

But on this particular day i was immediate besieged by shame and embarrassment. The thoughts running through my head were very condemning.

i prayed through it and God gave me the right perspective, but He also used it to teach me a powerful lesson. He pointed me to Proverbs 5 where the writer talks about the adulteress with her smooth speech.

It says that if you don’t keep a path far from the adulteress you “give your vigor to others and yours to the cruel one.” (v.9).

That’s what had happened to me that day. i had failed to steer a path sufficiently far away from the adulteress and my vigor was sapped; i was open to the Cruel One.

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