Will You Fight?

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In the speech William Wallace gives prior to the Battle of Stirling, and immortalized by the Oscar-award winning film Braveheart, Wallace poses a question to the men who have assembled on the battlefield to confront the English army.

Wallace challenges the men by telling them that they are free men and yet they live under an oppressor.  So he asks, in reference to that freedom, if they will fight to overthrow the tyranny imposed on them.

A soldier assembled at the front line yells back: “No. We will run and we will live.”

Wallace then explains to the men that while they can run away yet again and “live,” the truth is they aren’t really living if they are prisoners of the English king. And he shows them that something deep inside their souls knows that running away from a battle that should be fought is intolerable to an authentic man.

As addicts, if we want our freedom, we must fight for it.

i was reminded of this as i listened to a man speak in tones of resignation about his problems with pornography, lust and masturbation (PLM).  As he described his recent bout with PLM, he was defeated. His body language and tone of voice conveyed hopelessness. He was too comfortable with them as regular parts of his life.

He barely had the will to fight.

God poses this question to all of us:  “Will you fight?

Will you fight for freedom from PLM? Will you fight for the chance to be a real, authentic man?  Will you fight for your life? Will you fight for your wife and kids? Will you fight for a chance to be the man God intended for you to be.

Will you fight for a chance to be the man that deep within you long to be?  There is a man you always hoped you would be; a strong and confident person who knows how to be faithful; a wise man who can say what needs to be said in the crucial moment; a man of heroic strength and valor who loves others well.  Will you fight to be that man?

Will you fight for a chance to get your heart back?  Will you fight for something new and better than caving in time and time again to the temptation to run to your “old friends” PLM?

Will you fight?

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