Into The Fray Lesson #17: Your Kids Are Not Off Limits

One of the things i marvel at when it comes to the life of Jesus is the way He stepped fully into the Fray:  the hectic, choatic, contentious religious world of his day and He did so continuously during the years of His public ministry.

Jesus, far from being meek and mild and unimposing, forced Himself into society — the religious as well as the secular.  He ate with tax collectors and “sinners,” and he healed on the Sabbath within full view of the religious leaders who were opposed to it.

Jesus stepped into the Fray, and i love Him for that.

He calls us into the Fray as believers, to bring redemption to a broken world, and that is very much the dynamic i face in pursuing men for the sake of setting them free from their addictions to pornography, lust and masturbation.

The reality is:  The Enemy hates it.  Freedom is repulsive to him.  Rather, he specializes in deception: presenting captivity and slavery and making it look like freedom.

And as i reach into men’s lives with my story, my message and real healing, the Evil One always moves against me.

But one aspect of the opposition that is especially pernicious is the way in which the Evil One attacks my children as a reprisal for what i do.

i am not alone in noticing this in any way shape or form.  i know pastors and missionaries who have experienced the same thing.  Nightmares, physical attacks and other forms of spiritual opposition have repeatedly come against my family.

Lately, as i reach more and more men, and as i am pushing hard to secure a publishing contract for my book which is part of a great movement for the freedom of men’s hearts, i am up to my eyes in the Fray.  And the attacks have intensified.

There need not be any confusion:  the world of pornography is animated by the Evil One, and he prowls about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  And he doesn’t play fair; my children are not off limits.


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