A Boy Tries Hard To Be A Man…

At the U2 concert the other night i witnessed a moment between a father and a son which, it seems to me, will shape the son rather significantly in years to come.

And while the father probably thought he was being the cool dad, he wasn’t.

As i got out of my car in the parking lot, there was a man and his son, roughly 11 years old, standing at the back of the car next to mine with the trunk lid up.  The father said: “Here, put this in your pocket.  They won’t search you because you are a kid.”

i turned to see the father hand his son a can of beer, and then the son put it in the pocket of his large cargo shorts.

The father would never think of that moment as being one in which he delivered a wound to his son, but it was.  The message is clear:  A man lies and uses other people to get what he wants.

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