Into The Fray Lesson #3: You Need A Plan

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The question posed to me by my good friend, a fellow WarriorPoet, was simple: “What’s your plan?”

The occasion was also very simple:  my wife was headed out of town for several days and i would be at home with the kids.  The plan wasn’t regarding my time as a single dad.  Rather, it was all about what i was going to do to be prepared for increased temptation and opportunity regarding pornography, lust and masturbation (PLM).

It was the most basic of questions, but it’s one that so many men overlook when faced with a similar situation.

Without a plan, you are exponentially more vulnerable to attack and to caving in under the weight of the temptation matched with opportunity.

i am amazed at how many men are naive about this, or resist the question when it is posed to them.

And it’s not just when our wives go away that we need a plan. We can pray God takes away our desire for porn until we are blue in the face, but if we fail to be men of action, and have a plan for how we will live, nothing will change.

We need to take an aggressive approach to ridding our lives of PLM.  Pray the Daily Prayer or visit Ransomed Heart.  We pick up the sword and fight.  Passivity is a killer.

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