That One Shot Of Perspective Has Finally Hit Your Heart

There are times when the issues and the struggle regarding addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation are deep and murky, requiring divine insight and the hard work of untangling complex patterns in our souls.

At other times, God provides a shot of unparalleled perspective in a bracingly simple way.

The other day God provided that one shot of perspective regarding something i have always known on an intuitive level.

What was before just intuitive, God actually put it to words.

He said, simply, “James, it’s a fight. The only real question is: ‘Are you up for it?'”

There is a distinction i see in men who deal with addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation. Some men get this one shot of perspective and live differently.  Others don’t. They either remain naive about the spiritual battle involved or they whine about the fact that the journey is so difficult, or they simply resent the fact that something is required of them; namely, the willingness to fight.

For the men who have the one shot of perspective hit their hearts, see real change and find a growing freedom unfolding in their lives. The others often find themselves stuck in a cycle of defeat, discouragement and mediocrity.

It’s a fight. Are you up for it?

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