Now, Leave

Many people are familiar with the story in the Gospel of John in which Jesus rescues a women caught in adultery and prevents her from being stoned to death by an angry mob of religious leaders.

We’ll leave aside, for the sake of this post, the fact that there was obviously a man who had been involved and there is no mention of any such harsh treatment for him.

Although the religious leaders attempt to trap Jesus with a question about Mosaic law, He changes the conversation by declaring: “If any of you is without sin, cast the first stone.”

When her accusers leave, Jesus then tells the woman that He doesn’t condemn her.  What beautiful words to hear from Jesus:  “You are not condemned.”

We all need to hear that from Jesus.

But there’s more He has to say.

Jesus then gives the woman a command: “Go now and leave your life of sin.” We all need to hear Jesus giving this command to us as well. This is simple and straightforward, and it needs to become a command that transforms our thinking.

Don’t wait. Go nowleave your life of sin. Walk away from it.

For addicts and even “casual” users of pornography, indulging the impulse for lust becomes a life — or lifestyle.  We need to leave it behind.

Repentance must be a daily practice for us in this journey. We must respond by renouncing our lifestyle of Pornography, Lust and Masturbation.

Our group is the Society of WarriorPoets. This is where the Warrior is required to step to the front and do battle. Paul tells us in Col. 3: 1-10 to “Put to death” that which belongs to our earthly nature. Our active participation  is a crucial aspect of the journey to freedom.  It goes right along with the deep, heart-level transformation we seek and access through Christ.

Don’t wait. Go nowleave your life of sin.

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