Under The Influence: Responses

Casha Responds to Under the Influence:

I couldn’t disagree more with your assertion that women who dress to look “hot” are living lustfully. It’s precisely this type of mentality that causes women in many Muslim countries to be required by law to wear burqas to cover themselves up because, after all, it’s their fault men lusting after them as it couldn’t possibly be that man’s fault!

The Bible tells us that if your eye causes you to sin you should take it out and throw it away, it doesn’t put the blame on what you’re eyes are looking at!

i am not saying in any way shape or form that it’s the woman’s fault when a man lusts after her.   i strive to be a man who, no matter how a woman is dressed, fights lusting after her. and when i train men in how to fight for purity and freedom, i stress the importance of not lusting after women regardless of their appearance and dress.

My comments in Under the Influence were merely pointing out the fact that some women dress with a purpose in mind:  to make men lust after them. if that’s the case, then a woman is living lustfully and it plays into the cycle of pornography in our culture.

A woman who dresses immodestly with the intention of making men desire her sexually is very different from a woman who dresses in a way that accentuates her femininity and looks attractive.

But the rather than put the focus on how women dress and giving the impression that it somehow justifies the lustfulness of men, let me say again  — lest there be confusion — that the burden always falls on men to strive for purity in their thoughts.

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