4 Crucial Practices, Point No. 3: Deal With Your Wounds

There is a common misconception that time heals all wounds.  One of the many damaging results of following that way of thinking is that the effects of our wounds are never dealt with and then the assault on our hearts deepens.

Time helps in many ways, but if we never bring the truth of God to bear on the pain of our lives, particularly as porn addicts, then real freedom and change won’t happen in our lives.

Consequently, men who want to be free must deal with the wounds of their past.  This is why it’s one of the 4 crucial practices of intentional warriors. For all people there are many types of ways we can be hurt emotionally.  Our hearts are wounded from verbal and physical abuse, as well as simply the harsh treatment we often receive in this world.

For men dealing with porn addiction, it’s crucial as well to recognize the ways in which we have been wounded by our respective fathers. We are not out to blame our dads for our addiction or anything like that. Rather, we are simply acknowledging that even the best fathers are flawed; therefore, they wound their children.

i know that i have wounded mine.

Masculine identity issues and a craving for affirmation are at the heart of porn addiction, so men who need to be free must take a journey into the pain of their wounds and hear the loving, affirming words of God the Father so that they can receive healing.

Every porn addict, if he is to be set free, needs God to tell him who he truly is. God bestows identity and purpose. If a man is to really know that he is a man, and that porn has nothing to offer him, it will happen when God brings deep healing to the places where masculinity has been wounded _ or even outright stolen.

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