Scooping Fire

In the journey of healing and freedom from addiction to pornography, lust and masturbation victory is measured in our daily choices.

When faced with the opportunity to act out on an addictive impulse, do we go with that, or do we walk away?  Life is a series of moments, and healing comes on a moment by moment basis.

This is the part, for Christian men, where we must be prepared to participate in what God has done, is doing and is calling us to.  The power to break free from sin is from God, we cannot rely on our own strength. We are not thinking about mere self-improvement, we are seeking freedom from sin.

But our role in that is to make the right next decision when faced with temptation.

We need to be absolutely convinced that scripture is true when it tells us that the adulteress preys upon our very lives (Proverbs 6), and that it is impossible to scoop fire into our laps without being burned (Proverbs 6).

More than that, we need to take Jesus’ words seriously when He told us that simply lusting after a woman in our hearts is adultery (Matthew 5).

If simply lusting after a woman equals adultery, and the adulteress preys upon our lives, then the connection is clear:  how we deal with pornography, lust and masturbation is a matter of life and death.

It doesn’t seem, on the surface, that it’s a matter of life and death at all. But that is the great work of the Deceiver, and 1 John 5 tells us that the whole world lies under the power of the Evil One.

Our Enemy has done a good job of making things appear as the very opposite of what they truly are.

We have come to believe that we can look at porn and we can lust after woman without any real negative consequences.  But even dabbling in it is scooping fire into our laps.

We cannot scoop fire into our laps without being burned.

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