Hurting Our Wives

The last couple of days i have had a couple of conversations about pornography addiction and the toll it takes on the wives of addicts.

Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes, has a great post for wives whose husbands deal with this addiction.

In short, it is shocking the things we who have been, or are still addicted, do to our wives.

The selfishness. The crushing of their feminine hearts. It is emotional abuse.

And the longer i have been clean from pornography the more i can comprehend the brutality of what my addiction did to my wife’s emotions.

When i was addicted, i now see, i was slowly destroying her beauty. My continual lusting created an intolerable situation for her: She was a victim of my passivity as a man and she would never compare with the women i was looking at in porn. But more than that, the wounds i was medicating with porn had nothing to do with her, actually, and yet i was inflicting punishment on her for those very wounds.

She was in a no-win situation. It wasn’t her fault at all that i was addicted, and still she bore terrible consequences anyway.

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