Ashley Judd, Mean Girls And Bodysnarking

Slate’s Juliana Jimenez had a couple of thoughtson Ashley Judd’s recent essay in the Daily Beast.

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One of the more interesting was this:

She is talking about the Mean Girls phenomenon, which never fails to be disconcerting. Why do women and girls do this to themselves? If having a perfect face and perfect hairless-everything is so annoying, time-consuming, and sometimes painful, why don’t women and girls just say screw it? Or why don’t they at least support those who choose not to spend inordinate amounts of time and money in pursuit of unattainable ideals of beauty? Why the virulent snark, the vicious, demeaning, dehumanizing harassment?

One reason for the “virulent snark, the vicious demeaning” and “dehumanizing harassment” could very well be that our current culture _ with its obsession over unattainable beauty and its hypersexualization _ creates an environment where young girls and women constantly compete to gain attention and validation for their sensual beauty.

The impact of pornography on our culture has resulted in a new _ albeit polluted _ understanding of what a woman is. Pornography trains men to only value a woman for her sexual attributes and prowess, and it teaches young girls and women to get their validation as women from their sexuality.

That women were leading the charge in attacking Ashley Judd is not surprising, unfortunately.  Because our pornified culture places such a premium on sexuality and uses it as the measuring stick for a woman’s value, the competition among women to be seen as the most beautiful and most sexually appealing among all others becomes intense.

Degrading another in order to look good by comparison is an age-old method of harassment and it is a means of devouring one another because it never ends.

This form of devouring is unavoidable in a world so dominated by pornographic thoughts and images.

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