Blog Round Up 04.21.12

Lots of activity around the web this week — as usual — on blogs dealing with pornography addiction and related issues.

At Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes, Traylor Lovvorn posted on accountability — the real kind that gets beyond a checklist. It’s this kind of accountability that really makes a difference in men’s lives. i guest authored a post on the topic of accountability groups for Covenant Eyes which you can read here.

Luke Gilkerson also posted on the link between pornography and sex trafficking. As consumers of porn, we have to acknowledge that we fuel the demand for sex trafficking.

The men’s blog at XXXChurch hits the theme: Stop making excuses, while Craig Gross discusses the Esquire sex survey that was just released.  Among the findings of the study:

66% of married men say they are satisfied with their sex life.

82% of men have had at least 2 sexual partners in their lifetime.

14% of married men have at least one sexual experience with another man.

56% of married men have had oral sex performed on them while driving.

63% all all men surveyed watch porn.

33% have sex less then 1 time a week.

36% of men have never had anal.

42% of men could conceive cheating on their spouse.

10% of all men don’t consider oral sex to be sex.

67% of men masturbate at least once a week.

32% of men say their biggest fantasy would be to bring another woman into their bed.

44% of men say they don’t have sex enough.

Men in 50’s are 2 X as likely then men in their 20’s to have had a finger in their rectum during sex.

20 year old men are 3 X more likely then 50 year old men to watch porn every day  (37%)

Meanwhile, the debate rages on as to whether porn/sex addiction is real. Robert Weiss MSW, LCSW CSAT, had this article (part 1) picked up by the AntiPorn Men Project. Weiss also wrote Part 2 here.

Dr. David J. Ley has contended that there is no such thing in various forums, among them, here.

i am not a doctor, but i can say from experience that porn addiction is real and it is not simply an excuse for bad behavior.  But i am certain the debate is far from settled.

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