It’s OK To Look, Right?

Many years ago i was working as a freelance writer and interacted on one assignment with a group a men who are medical investigators for the county coroner’s office.

To get information for my feature story i rode along on calls with the investigators and even helped them carry a few dead bodies. But what i did most was sit around with these guys and shoot the breeze about every topic under the sun.

One guy, a few years older than i, was always noticing every woman who walked past his line of sight.

He commented freely about the lustful thoughts in his mind, despite being married.

Then he would always add: “It’s OK to look as long as I don’t do anything else.”

It was no surprise that he kept a stash of porn magazines in the truck and in his office.

It’s a popular myth in our culture, and it has been for some time, that “just looking” is acceptable and harmless.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether it’s “just looking” at porn or even looking at women and lusting, it’s the pornographic mind in action.

And when we do that it affects us the same way that viewing porn does.

Laura Gallier has this breakdown of what happens to our minds on porn, courtesy Pure Hope.

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