Blog Round Up 05.06.12

From around the Blogosphere this week:

Porn In The Valley

Diana at Porn in the Valley highlights the disparity which underscores the twisted nature of the time we live in by comparing two situations happening on college campuses.

In a class at Midwestern State University (MSU) dealing with the First Amendment, the porn classic Deep Throat was shown, while at Appalachian State University, a professor was taken to task for showing a documentary titled The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships. The Price of Pleasure takes a critical view of the porn industry. The professor who showed that documentary is now suspended with pay.

Perhaps the First Amendment only applies at MSU.

This is the age we are living in: the cultural tide has shifted and the Spirit of the Age is the Deceiver.  Good is Bad; Bad is Good. The First Amendment is seen only as something which allows greater licentiousness, rather than as affording rights on all who would offer counter arguments.

And sex is our god. Professors can show any film that worships that god, but cannot propose the idea that the porn industry — which is the primary vehicle for worship of the sex god — is detrimental.

i was, however, encouraged that at MSU a local pastor was going to take part in the discussion held after Deep Throat and that he planned to mention the ministry of xxxchurch.

And there’s more on the brouhaha at Groupon. The shakeup continues, according to FoxxMediaGroup. Connecting the dots.

Mommy Porn, For Real

Meanwhile, porn stars make good moms, according to this.

Alana Evans defended her choice of profession as a porn star and said that porn actually saved her life. Shelley Lubben weighs in with some much needed perspective:

Shelley Lubben, a former prostitute and porn star, said kids never escape the stigma of the job. “I was in denial that I hurt my child,” she said on Dr. Drew’s show, as she elaborated on issues her now 22-year-old daughter struggled through because of her job. “She thought her mom was a big movie star, and she watched the video and goes, ‘Oh my gosh. What’s going on with my mom?'”

And speaking of the children, the AntiPorn Men Project tweeted this story this week.

According to the story, children in Wales are easily getting onto porn sites on the internet because hardly any have proof of age requirements.  This is interesting in light of the ongoing developments in the UK regarding governmental attempts to block porn outright and force internet users to “opt in” in order to access porn sites.


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