The Journey Toward Authentic Masculinity

As our group of Intentional Warriors gathered recently we discussed the ways in which the journey to authentic masculinity was unfolding in our lives.

There was much to celebrate.  One man, who looked at some form of porn once a day had gone a stretch of days without doing so. He was also makes changes in his life to limit his exposure to the things that would tempt him.

Others talked about how the pull of pornography on their hearts was much weaker these days, in contrast to a year or two ago.

The conversation deepened from there and we hit upon one of the most important aspects of this journey: the way purity results in us actually starting to take our place as men in the world; men who finally now, because of their abstinence from pornography, lust and masturbation, have a legitimate strength to offer others.

When it comes to loving our wives; nurturing our children; and interacting with the world at large in a way that offers something good and authentically strong, we can only do those things when we are growing in purity.

The man who is polluted and pornified has nothing to offer. We who were once trapped in that realm know this all too well.

But freedom reaches to the very deepest places of our hearts. And as we move toward righteousness, the change in us brings life to every relationship we have.

People who once were hurt by our insensitivity and selfishness because we were consumed by our addiction are now better off for having interacted with us.  Instead of passivity we move with purpose, and that opens the door for God to bring His blessing.

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