Now We’re Getting Serious

Recently i spoke to a man who decided it was time to move his laptop and television out of his bedroom and set them up in a common area of the house in an effort to pursue purity.  He even got rid of his radio.

This man, who has been looking at porn daily for many years, has now gone nearly a full week without looking at pornography.

During the first 5 years that followed my confession and coming out to my wife about my pornography addiction, any time i traveled on business — which happened 2-3 times each year — i called the hotel’s front desk and had a maintenance man physically remove the television from my room. i would have continued doing that, but when one hotel chain — not one of the nicer chains — refused my request to remove the television, i was forced to deal with having it in my room.

i was fine. No slip ups. From that point on i stopped making the request at each hotel i stayed in.  Coincidentally, i also stopped traveling for business — the trips were no longer in the company’s budget.

My extreme approach of removing the television from my hotel room certainly created some humorous exchanges between the hotel staff and myself. There were times it felt intensely awkward and embarrassing to make my request.  But i knew i needed to do something drastic in order to ensure i remained pure in those days.

i was serious. The man i spoke to the other day is serious as well. He will change what needs to change in order to be changed.

It is a beautiful moment when a man who struggles with this addiction determines that what’s more important than feeling awkward for 10 minutes, or looking foolish to somebody because he took extreme measures, is purity and success. i could have caved in to the fear of man and i could have given in to that powerful voice that said: “What will they think of me?” But much more important was the need to safeguard my purity.

If you’re not willing to be at least a little inconvenienced by removing something from your life in order to achieve freedom from pornography addiction, you’re probably not really all that serious about healing and transformation.

Actions speak louder than words.  Tons of Christian men will say they are committed to accountability and sexual integrity, but talk is cheap. i used to talk a great game, but the reality was something else. i needed to take action. i finally did.

Let’s get serious.




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