The Easy Life Is A Lie, But The Good Life Is Truly Good

There is an important difference between The Easy Life and The Good Life.

When i was stuck in my pornography addiction i was always seeking The Easy Life, thinking that it would equal a Good Life.  i ran to porn to ease my pain; to cure my boredom; to get some relief from the demands of life which i felt were just too much; and to simply feel good.

i should have known better, as a Christian, but i wanted to feel good in world where i constantly felt harried, harassed and hamstrung. i felt powerless and hopeless. i felt weak and defeated.

One of my many errors was in thinking that my life should be Easy.  And it was tragically wrong of me to think that The Easy Life equaled The Good Life.

But the world of pornography and our larger culture — which is increasingly influenced by porn culture — were always ready to reinforce my wrong thinking.

Contrary to The Easy Life, The Good Life is authentically good.  Rather than being based on the lies that nothing difficult should ever happen to me and i should be permitted to pursue pleasure whenever, wherever and however i desire, The Good Life is one in which — regardless of circumstances — i am experiencing love, joy, peace, healthy relationships and honest enjoyment of truly good things that ought to be celebrated.

The double life of pornography with its artificial relationships, false intimacy and manufactured, selfish attempts to feel something good is no equal to the The Good Life.  The search for The Easy Life presented in pornography is a search without end.

What i tried to get from pornography was something it could never delier. It was a Sisyphus Task that piled frustration upon frustration, leading to bitterness and greater selfishness.

But as God began the arduous process of extracting me from the world of pornography and changing my heart, i began to understand The Good Life. And, like all truly good things, it required some work. But it was the work that made me treasure what is authentically good.

A real marriage, with emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy untainted by the lies of pornography has definitely been worth the work.  The freedom of not being a hypocrite and serial liar leading a double life has definitely been worth the work.

The ability to engage my world and deal with a variety of circumstances with a masculine composure that only God could bring has definitely been worth the work.

These are crucial elements of The Good Life. The Good Life beats The Easy Life every time because The Easy Life is a lie.

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