Blog Round Up 06.09.12

This week on the Round Up, Linda Hatch, PhD. talks about how sex addicts need to “hit bottom” the same way drug and alcohol addicts do.

Dr. Hatch provides great insight, and from experience i can say that nothing significant happened in my road to recovery until i bottomed out in exactly the way she describes. One of the most powerful lies of sex/porn addiction is the false belief that you’ve got your consumption under control; that somehow you are managing things.  The blindness is profound.  The next big lie comes in those rare moments when you reflect and think that perhaps you should “do something about this” but then wrongly believe that you really couldn’t change anyway.

Hatch’s post came via Vice Report, which also had a link to this story about the declining economics of the porn industry— or maybe not, depending on whom you ask. There are many like myself who would love to see the economics of the porn industry decline, in fact, it would be great if they would collapse.

However, as the article, which appeared in Forbes, pointed out:  there’s so much free material on the web that a decline in the industry’s economics would not mean a decline in porn consumption — so the issue remains the same.  The industry can talk about profits, those of us leading the way in recovery and freedom will still have our work cut out for us.

And speaking of free porn on the web, PornFreedomNow had this post about the darker side of Pinterest.

This is a growing concern, actually, and it seems that despite the official terms of service Pinterest requires users to agree to, the administrators of the site simply cannot patrol the site adequately.  Plenty of soft porn and even harder material appears throughout the site, and often pops up in places you simply don’t expect it.

Pinterest is a great example of a couple of interesting phenomena. First, the inclination in our society to add sexual content to any social media or standard media outlet is overwhelming. That speaks volumes about how pornified we are as a society.  Second, the porn landscape is constantly changing and we must be able to adapt to it if we are going to pursue purity in this age.

And for a parting thought, consider this quote from Frederick Buechner, as referenced by Michael John Cusick in his book Surfing for God:

Lust is the craving for salt of a man dying of thirst.


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