Why Pornography?

Michael John Cusick, author of Surfing for God, posts on a topic we talk about all the time at our Intentional Warriors gatheringsGetting to the deeper issues.

A photomontage of what a whole iceberg might l...

Cusick uses the metaphor of an iceberg, and it’s  a good one.  We know that only 10 percent of an iceberg is above the waterline; to really understand it, you need to look below the surface.

We won’t ever really see progress in our journey toward freedom until we have the courage to look below the waterline.

The deeper issues that drive pornography use and addiction are usually never on a man’s radar when he thinks about why he looks.  And indeed, many never think about the Why at all.

But looking at pornography or chronic masturbation are never simply about sexual urges.  The truth is, when we run to those things we are searching for much more than that.

i wrote about that previously when i reflected on the last time i visited an adult bookstore many years ago.  It wasn’t about sex at all, actually.


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