Fight Like You Mean It

In the years between WW I and WW II France adopted the attitude that it should prevent any future invasions by building a line of defense along portions of its border with Germany.

This line of defense was known as the Maginot Line (shorter explanation here), named for the man who came up with the idea. Essentially, the Maginot Line was a series of bunkers and outposts.

The point is, it failed miserably and wound up providing the French with a false sense of security. When the Germans made up their minds to invade France — yet again — they overwhelmed the Maginot Line and took the country in a matter of days using blitzkrieg tactics.

In the years since WW II the phrase Maginot Line has been used to refer to a strategy or object that people hope will prove effective but collapses.

Many men have built Maginot Lines when it comes to their “fight” against pornography, lust and masturbation.

To the casual observer, it looks like they are men fighting against sexual temptation and pursuing purity, but a closer look reveals that these men aren’t really fighting at all.  They attend an accountability group, but they don’t answer the questions honestly, they downplay their activities and thoughts which have been pornographic.

They say they are fighting, but in reality — when a lustful thought comes along — they entertain and feed that thought. Or, they resist making thorough changes that are needed in their TV-watching habits and so on.

The man who says he is fighting for purity but refuses to be totally honest at his accountability group is building a Maginot Line.  The man who refuses to reach out for prayer support when the temptation level is high is building a Maginot Line. He has some line of defense, but it is not enough. The man who won’t submit to the process of confession, repentance, dealing with his wounds, healing his heart and engaging in battle against the Enemy is building a Maginot Line.

The Enemy’s blitzkrieg comes along and they are overwhelmed because they aren’t really fighting for purity.  There is something in them still which wants to hold on to a little piece of lust or porn.

Fight. Fight like you mean it.  Our Enemy laughs at our Maginot Lines the same way the Germans laughed when they took France in WW II.

The battle is real. The warfare is thick. Your heart is in the crossfire. Fight like you mean it.

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