Renouncing Passivity

One of my favorite lines uttered by John Eldredge at one of his Wild At Heart bootcamps is this:  “Masculinity and Passivity never go together.”

It’s an important thing to remember.  All men are prone to passivity; to stay silent when they should speak; to sit back when they should act; to fail to engage relationally when they ought to pursue the hearts of their friends, wives or children.

For addicts dealing with pornography, lust and masturbation (PLM), passivity always plays some role, and often a major one.  The more a man indulges PLM, the more he pulls back from real relationships and purposeful activity that is beneficial to others.

PLM make a man increasingly passive, and men don’t need to be any more passive than they already are. 

Men who struggle with PLM need to totally renounce passivity.  They need to get active and be purposeful about their lives. A man who acts helpless about his porn addiction, or blames circumstances for his difficulties and seems to never see progress is being passive.

Don’t be passive about your life or about PLM.

It’s time to fight. Let’s make sure we fight well.

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