O Canada, Thunderous Grace And Niagara Falls

My family and i are just back from a visit north of the border.

Prior to visiting Niagara Falls i had been told two things:  “it’s amazing” (it was) and the “Canadian side is much nicer than the U.S. side” (also true).

There is a grandeur to The Falls which can only be experienced in person _ like so many natural wonders.  i had seen pictures and watched some things on television about The Falls, but once there i was captivated.

The power of the water; the pace of the river leading to The Falls; the thunderous sound of The Falls; and the fact that it never stops.  The water just keeps coming.

But on the Canadian side i also experienced something.  Television programming, advertising and social behavior were certainly influenced by porn culture. Canada was beautiful, but it also presented some hazards.

It served as a reminder that vigilance is essential for addicts, recovering addicts, former addicts and _ quite frankly _ anyone who seeks to live pure and free in a pornified world.

And there in the midst of it all is The Falls:  a powerful symbol of the constant love and thunderous grace of God being continually poured out over our lives. The water flows and flows and flows like the washing of rebirth and the lavishing of God’s goodness on us even while a pornified world sings  its Siren Song.

To stand drenched in the overwhelming mist that cascades over you as you gaze at the falls from the steps on the American side of The Falls is to stand covered by His all-sufficient work in Christ.

There is now, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The Falls made me feel clean, and i am because of Christ. Nothing feels as good as that.

2 Responses to “O Canada, Thunderous Grace And Niagara Falls”

  1. David Johnston

    James, what a great pulling together of two important truths — the risks we all face in a pornified culture and the “thunderous grace” of our Lord Jesus Christ who both cleanses us and gives us the power to overcome! Thank you!

  2. Cindy

    James, that was beautiful…especially the power of the falls being like God’s amazing grace and love. Truly awesome…


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