Perspective For The Long Haul

If we are going to experience real freedom and growth as we take the journey away from pornography, lust and masturbation towards purity, we need the right perspective.

We must pursue righteousness. We must pursue healthy sexuality.

But along the way we have to also understand that temptations will come. What will we do when they are crouching at our door?  When the pull towards porn or lust or masturbation is strong, seemingly unshakeable, what then?

If we believe that healing and growth means never being tempted, and we are truly tempted, then we are set up for crushing defeat. If instead we learn to address the temptation biblically, as Jesus did when he was confronted by Satan in the wilderness, then we have all we need to prevail.

There is another perspective needed for the long haul.  The right understanding of our warrior nature.  Being a warrior automatically means living at a certain level of preparedness and intensity.

It’s unavoidable.  We who have been addicted to pornography, lust and masturbation understand just how vigilant we must be in order to experience purity and freedom.

But even with the intensity we must bring to bear on the battle itself, we must learn how to direct that intensity properly.  in the past i have been guilty of directing that intensity improperly; overwhelming others with my comments or my calls to action.

Being a bull in a china shop when talking about pornography and its addictive qualities; being too aggressive when talking with other men about their need to fight for purity; or being unable to temper the warrior nature with nature of the poet (in the tradition of the mythic warriorpoets) damages relationships.

We must remain internally intense; that is, serious about the battle against our addiction, while being relate well to others outwardly without being too intense.

We must fight. We must love. This is crucial in making it for the long haul.

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