I see boredom as a deeper call from God to come closer, to experience more intimacy with God. I have experienced more ecstasy and bliss in union with God than any physical experience. I feel safe, secure, loved and honored in the presence of God, but most of the world is painful for me. It is time for a change. Thank you for writing so honestly and sharing such an important message. I was shown by Jesus the hurts and wounds that I have been given in the past by being seen as only beautiful flesh instead of seeing my inner divine nature, made in the image and likeness of God. I am a highly sensitive woman who can feel unwanted looks that physically hurt my being. They feel icky. I can walk by a man and feel his sexual thoughts towards me and I am wounded. I feel everything deeply: thoughts, feelings, looks and body sensations. Lust is not benign. It is a thought form that I can feel in my body and it does not feel good. I always craved to be seen as God sees me, to be treated by a man the way Jesus treats women, with honor, respect and the higher, unconditional Love of God. I felt used, diminished, projected upon, idealized, and wanted as an objectification of sex and beauty instead of being seen as a divine created beauty of God on earth. Just once I wanted a man to not want something from me, just to be with me in the Presence of God, just be with the truth of who I am, and see the real me without wanting something from me, seeing God in my beauty. It is time for all men and women to return to their first love, the Beloved Creator, and meet their needs through the Source of God before they ever think of starting a relationship with another. The old way wounds my soul. It is time to insource love from God, not out source through external things and people. Having sex without the Presence of the Holy Spirit is adultery. The ego divorced from God is the adulterer. Boredom is a call of God to intimacy with the Shekinah Glory Presence.