The Truth Behind The Lie

Breaking Free, the blog of Covenant Eyes, had this post recently which pulls the curtain of lies back and shows us the reality of the real women affected by porn.

But it’s done from a fascinating perspective and it’s a must read.

The realizations the author reaches concerning her own viewing of porn and the damage it has done to her are powerful.

Likewise, she gains a unique perspective on her own contribution to the pain of the performers in porn.

After meeting a porn star and hearing about the pain caused by performing in porn, the author writes:

I used to watch the very same kind of films that destroyed her emotionally. I used to watch the very same films without a thought that these women are actually real. There’s something about pornography that makes people think it is just a fantasy. It’s designed that way. It’s set up for people to be able to indulge in their own fantasies without giving any kind of thought to the fact that these are real women with real feelings.

If we would all grasp the gravity of this statement we would be changed. When we view porn we are participating in the destruction of another person’s life — and usually we are watching more than one person. Because porn is destructive to the performers as well as the viewers, the author says:

Angie (the porn star) told me about all of the women in the films and how they all had to literally get high to participate in the films. It’s a trap.

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