Seasons And Transitions

It’s that time of year when lots of transitions are occurring.  School is starting.  Most of us are finished taking vacations, aside from a long weekend here or there.

And it is a time when many people move on from one phase to another.  We had a beautiful night in August at one of our Intentional Warriors meetings as a dear brother made a transition out of the group and into the next phase of his life.  New challenges and new commitments were in his future. And all of these were possible because of the deep change he experienced while he was with us.

Truly, the man who sat before us ready to move on was dramatically different from the man who came to the group for the very first time in the fall of 2009.

And through his tears he said over and over: “This group changed my life.”

The blessing for the rest of us was that we got to watch it all unfold.  We had the privilege of praying for our brother. We had the privilege of listening to him share his victories as he walked the journey to purity and freedom. And we were blessed as he grew in health and was able to contribute blessing to the other men in the group.

The term “life-changing,” as in:  “that was a life-changing experience,” or a “life-changing event,” gets tossed around much too casually.  How many times are our lives truly changed; the direction we are headed altered, by the experiences that like to claim that label?

But in this case, a man who was dead in his sin; trapped in pornography; unable to love his wife properly; and isolated from authentic relationships has been made new.  He is utterly different that what he once was.  He walked into Intentional Warriors hurting and somewhat scared about the course of his life. He walked out strong in Christ; purposeful; and able to do battle for the sake of purity and freedom.

He was broken. Now he is restored; a true imagebearer of God who is growing into all he is meant to be a little more each day.

But it also bears mentioning that the man who has now left Intentional Warriors had to begin the whole process by stepping into a season of struggle and facing the truth about himself.  He was forced to make a transition from his old life to his new life, and that was not easy.

Seasons and transitions are happening in our lives all the time.  This could be your season of dealing with your addiction so that a real transition from death to life could take place.

Freedom awaits you.

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