Pornography Makes You Dumb

Pornography makes you dumb. The more you look at it the more you think that sexuality and sexual satisfaction are more important than real relationships.  In fact, the more you look at pornography the more you will prefer it over actual sex — the kind with a real person.  Think John Mayer’s Playboy interview. All porn addicts know he’s right.

More than that, however, the message of pornography also makes us dumb.  Pornography tells us that every situation in life has a sexual undercurrent.  That woman who smiles at you when you buy your groceries is not just being polite and kind, she actually is flirting with you hoping for a sexual encounter. The glances you exchanged with the woman who passed you on the sidewalk were not social courtesies, they were messages of sexual desire.

That’s dumb.

Pornography also tells men that every woman he meets is ready, willing and able to have the most exotic sexual experience imaginable with him. One of the biggest lies pornography tells men is that they are sexually desired by, essentially, all women.

We could dismiss this all as mere harmless fantasy except for the fact that men’s brains are chemically changed by looking at porn.  And every man who has been heavily involved with porn knows how it shapes his thinking.

Pornography makes you dumb. It leads you to believe lies about yourself and others; lies which are not even remotely tied to the truth of how life actually is. The more you look at pornography the more you appraise all women from a sexual point of view, dismissing and disregarding their hearts.

It is inevitable, you will disrespect women in real life as a result of looking at pornogaphy because you will care less and less about their souls and the true nature of their being.  Your only concern will be sex.

Pornography is a terrible mistress. You will spend all your time and money to accomodate it only to be let down every single time.  And in the end you will have only wasted your time and your money.

That’s dumb. Pornography makes you dumb. And it will lead you to make dumb decisions.

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