Blog Round Up 09.08.12

Here’ a look at just some of the things people and organizations on the web are doing as a positive step to remedy the pornification of our culture.

The XXXChurch Men’s blog ran a great piece by Jeff Fisher at Porn To Purity  talking about moving from failure on to the point at which you become an example to other men. i love what he says about identity and temptation.  These are crucial aspects of healing.

Fisher highlights 3 aspects of becoming an example:

  1. Be An Example in Your Understanding. You need to know your junk and know the love of God.  Know that you are a sinner and know that He has extended grace to cover your sin.  Your understanding of these key truths will catapult you into being an example.  Guys are looking for real guys who understand junk and understand God.  This is how you start building your recovery story.
  2. Be An Example in Your Sobriety. This is the next level, but it’s essential.  You have to get sober.  You have to get rid of the bad stuff and start doing the new stuff.  You have to deny yourself the sexual deeds that you think will satisfy your soul and trust that God has a better way to provide.
  3. Be An Example in Helping Others. You can start helping others almost immediately in your recovery.  You are not a teacher and a leader yet, but you have a story… you can share it.  You have a listening ear… you can use it.  You have presence, and you can be there for another guy who is struggling, even if you don’t know what to say.
i have to say that Point No. 2 is where men really start seeing deep, authentic, lasting change.

Meanwhile, Porn Freedom Now ran an article about how porn seems delightful…at first. Then it crushes you.  Using a comic from the Coffee With Jesus series, Jesus makes a salient point.  Also on the Porn Freedom Now site is a video which they picked up from XXXChurch in which NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck talks about porn.

And in the UK, No More Page 3 is starting a petition to get the Sun newspaper to stop running pictures of topless women on Page 3.  The “Page 3 Girls” are a staple in British tabloids, according to friends i have who live there.  The culture, as a whole, has become extremely sexualized in ways that are — for now — more permissive than in the US.

Finally, the blog at Every Man’s Battle has a series of posts well worth your time.  They deal with learning to celebrate what is good even in the midst of struggle and temptation; full disclosure; and dealing with shame.

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