50 Shades Of What’s Next

Maurita’s response to Women’s Bodies Bought & Sold:

Very good post. Including what Naomi Wolf wrote. I was one of those women who believed that porn, strip clubs, etc., were ok – consenting adults – live and let live. That is until I discovered my husband’s double life. I now believe women have been sold down the river by the objectifying of our body parts. Societal acceptance and complacency doesn’t have anything to do with what is right.


Is Maurita’s perspective prior to learning of her husband’s double life uncommon? i don’t think so. Cultural acceptance of various forms of sexual expression is pretty high.  Many women seem willing to accept porn culture’s influence — until it hits them where it hurts.

i think this is going to happen with the 50 Shades phenomenon.  Women are excited about these stories, and their husbands/boyfriends are more than happy to play along because it’s every man’s fantasy that his woman would be into porn.

But most likely, for men, their lovers’ acceptance of porn culture via 50 Shades will serve as permission to indulge porn on a much wider scale.  Men don’t really need any encouragement to indulge their porn impulses. And the more men are exposed to porn, the more of it they want.

Women may be somewhat discriminating when it comes to porn they like, but most men are not nearly as selective. Is 50 Shades, as acted out in relationships now, truly sustainable for those relationships later?

i doubt it.

Women will eventually become less intrigued and excited by the 50 Shades of 50 Shades, but men have a much higher sex drive and porn is known to create an insatiable appetite among male users.

i think that what’s next is that women will be very hurt by the 50 Shades of husbands and boyfriends getting deeper into porn in the wake of the current buzz about the books and subsequent movies. What is there to stop the  man who’s 40-year-old wife is excited by 5o Shades now from deciding that he wants that same experience with a much younger woman once his own wife has lost interest in the sexual adventure?

i know many will say such a thing could happen without 50 Shades — and that’s true.

My point is that 50 Shades significantly increases the probability that men will act out this way. What now seems like a positive among so many women will turn out to hurt them greatly in the end.

As Maurita said, she was fine with porn and porn culture until it meant her own husband had secretly become some sort of monster.

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