The Line Gets Thinner

From a report that CNBC ran on the business of pornography titled “The Business of Pleasure,” comes this quote:

Cover of "Pornography (Groundwork Guides)...

Also, the line is getting thinner between – and there’s not so much black and white between – the porn world and real world anymore. People aren’t making such a big deal about it. They’re more accepting of it. It’s like ‘She did porn? Ah well.’ — Bree Olson, Adult Film Performer.

It’s nice to see that i am not the only one saying this.

The line is “getting thinner” between “the porn world and the real world.”

This is something that has been growing for some time and shows no sign of letting up.

What are the consequences?  Pornography’s Effect on The Brain, Part 1 and Pornography’s Effect on The Brain, Part 2.

Not every comment in these two essays is something i agree with, but the scientific information regarding brain alteration is corraborated by other authors who have written about what porn does to your brain, for example, the e-book published by Covenant Eyes.

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